Carbon Health Acquires Alertive

Every time one of our portfolio companies leaves the nest, we love to see them fly and flourish. So it is incredibly thrilling to announce a member of the Inflect family, Alertive, has been acquired by Carbon Health.

The move makes tons of sense and furthers both Alertive’s and Carbon Health’s mission to deliver high-quality healthcare and make it more accessible. Alertive’s core offering — a health platform that automates and remotely monitors people dealing with chronic conditions or who require urgent care, whose connected devices include blood pressure cuffs, electrocardiograms, and pulse oximeters — will fundamentally strengthen the relationship between patient and provider, as well as contribute to more positive health outcomes.

“The short-term opportunity is to better manage chronic conditions,” Chief Strategy Officer of Carbon Myoung Cha told STAT. “I also think there’s a future in providing more proactive care, even when you’re not necessarily sick.”

Alertive’s acquisition won’t change the brand or the service, yet it will allow them to integrate with Carbon Health’s cutting-edge home-based care initiatives; neither company will miss a beat. We’re excited to see Alertive scale and we know they have the right team and processes in place to thrive in the market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a seismic shift in how care is delivered, with more and more providers shifting to home care. It’s been an unexpected journey navigating the COVID-19 pandemic with Alertive in our portfolio, as it pushed us to aid in their expansion of services to include contact tracing and remote vital monitoring on an even greater scale.

“We’re less interested in coaching and more interested in medical decision-making,” Shah said. “That’s not to say coaching isn’t important, but for us, the biggest missing piece of the pie is adherence to medication and treatment.”

After developing, testing, and prototyping a platform for the remote monitoring of patients suffering from strokes, cardiac disease, and other conditions, Alertive now serves nearly 40 clinics across the country. Under the umbrella of Carbon Health, no doubt they’ll grow to serve many more: Carbon Health currently has 90+ clinics across 14 states.

Per Alertive’s own post:

“Soon patients may begin their healthcare journey at a Carbon Health clinic, receive RPM devices to manage a chronic disease, and regularly receive analysis and insights from their provider from the comfort of their home. Carbon Health will also maintain Alertive Healthcare’s existing relationships with healthcare systems, specialists, and payors to direct patients to specialists to continue their value-based care.”

We’re excited to see what’s next for the team at Alertive and we can’t thank them enough for their ingenuity, innovation, collaboration, and enthusiasm during our entire time working together. Their pioneering spirit and robust technological prowess will serve them well as they integrate and well into the future. Congratulations to everyone on the Alertive team!



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