Inflect Health Invests in Curve Health (Again!)

It’s time again for us to announce yet another incredibly exciting investment.

This week Curve Health announced it has raised $12M in its Series A funding round!

Inflect Health joined in Curve Health’s Series A financing round led by Morningside Ventures, with participation from Alumni Ventures and Recover Care, as well as returning investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, IDEO, Correlation Ventures, Rosecliff Venture Partners, and Kapor Capital, and angel investor Ben Jealous.

For the unfamiliar, the Curve Health team is delivering an award-winning care enablement platform that allows patients and providers to connect beyond the four walls of a facility. Think: “healthcare without walls.”

The Curve solution — which is designed by clinicians to remove friction in care for both the bedside providers and remote physicians — includes telemedicine, health information exchange, data and predictive analytics, and billing integrations that enable 1) patients to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital, 2) providers to have a one-of-a-kind user experience, and 3) skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), healthcare systems, and provider groups to improve their bottom line.

In July, Curve partnered with CareConnectMD, a California-based provider group that delivers value-based care for people living in nursing homes via its Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Direct Contracting Entity (DCE). The demand for their platform hasn’t slowed down since and a study by the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine even found care provided through the Curve Health platform reduced SNF patient hospital admissions by 80%.

“Curve’s mission is to improve care for the most vulnerable people in our communities and their platform is by far one of the most effective we’ve seen, enabling healthcare providers to overcome the siloes so typical of traditional healthcare systems,” said Dr. Rick Newell, Chief Transformation Officer at Vituity & CEO at Inflect Health, “We are incredibly excited to have increased our investment in Curve Health’s platform and help their team expand their footprint in more healthcare centers across the country.”

Curve Health’s platform improves patient outcomes by reducing friction for providers thus creating more personalized care for nursing home residents. Patients are connected from their rooms directly with remote physicians through a tablet; established protocols and Curve Health’s remote Care Traffic Controller assist facility staff in delivering care and reducing workload.. Higher visibility on the individual is made available through integrations with electronic health records and diagnostics. Additionally, business intelligence analytics enable care facilities to improve staffing allocation, and smart billing features provide appropriate reimbursement for remote physician groups.

“We’re seeing remarkable interest and quickly growing demand for remote care options in care facilities across the country,” said Rob MacNaughton, Curve’s CEO. “With this investment we’ll scale even more rapidly, particularly as the post-acute space shifts toward value-based care. We are excited to partner with providers looking to thrive in value-based models and, more importantly, deliver better models of care to seniors nationwide. ”

Curve plans to use the newly raised funds to expand its footprint in New York, California, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, while also growing into new markets across the country.

For more information about Curve Health be sure to visit the Curve Health website, and follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.




Healthcare. Optimized and accessible for all.

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Inflect Health

Inflect Health

Healthcare. Optimized and accessible for all.

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