New Podcast: From Clinician to Founder, The Story of Joystik’s Upcoming Mind-Body Training App

Inflect Health
1 min readMay 10, 2023

In our latest “For Startups, by Physicians” podcast, host Lindsay Kriger chats with Dr. Sarah Pierce, co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Joystik, an upcoming health and wellness app. (Visit the homepage to join the waiting list, and follow the startup on LinkedIn for updates.)

Dr. Pierce talks about juggling her entrepreneurial journey with her work as a clinician — and offers advice for fellow founders of healthtech startups. She also delves into how her physician practice helped inspire the creation of Joystik’s mind-body medicine app:

“After a few years in practice,” as she explains to Lindsay, “I found that it just seemed like a lot of what my patient needed I hadn’t been taught in medical school. I knew how to take care of their blood pressure and take care of their diabetes, and I knew how to prescribe medications for their anxiety and their depression — but I didn’t really understand how to counsel people about the stress that I knew they were having in their lives.”

Listen to the whole thing above, and go here for the transcript and podcast subscription links.

And visit Joystik online at