New Podcast: Tina Beilinson & Dr. Amy Roskin of Seven Starling on Mental Healthcare for Motherhood

Inflect Health
2 min readJun 28, 2023

In our latest episode of “For Startups, by Physicians” podcast, Inflect’s Lindsay Kriger chats with Tina Beilinson and Dr. Amy Roskin, founder/CEO and Chief Medical Officer (respectively) of Seven Starling.

Founded to help women and caregivers navigate motherhood, Seven Starling offers an online community of licensed therapists, peer support, and medication as needed to address the anxiety and depression experienced by 20% of women during their prenatal period.

“It’s no secret that unfortunately the U.S. has some of the worst outcomes when it comes to maternal health of any developed country and the highest cost of care,” as Tina Beilinson explains. “And as we dug into that more, we actually found that one of the leading drivers of these really poor outcomes is the fact that we had so many women with untreated mental health conditions and concerns.”

Seven Starling hopes to de-stigmatize the need for mental healthcare often experienced by new mothers.

“I see it frequently in my clinical practice as an OB-GYN,” Dr. Roskin observes. “There was very little emphasis on mental health during my medical training, so I’m very glad to see this issue finally getting more attention.”

Tina Beilinson, founder/CEO of Seven Starling

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