New Podcast: We Debate ChatGPT’s Role in Healthcare

Inflect Health
2 min readMar 15, 2023

Can ChatGPT & other AI programs help medical doctors? In our latest “For Startups, by Physicians” podcast, Lindsay Kriger chats with Dr. Joshua Tamayo-Sarver, Inflect’s VP of Innovation and a practicing ER physician who just conducted a fascinating, much-discussed experiment with ChatGPT.

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The conversation also brings up some important distinctions not just of how ChatGPT really works, but what the practice of medicine actually is too. As Josh puts it:

When you want to get a loan, the bank doesn’t say, “You don’t need a loan, you’re much better off saving. You shouldn’t buy that today.”

They say, “Here’s your loan.”

Whereas in healthcare, when someone comes in with a health concern, most of what we do as doctors and most of the art of medicine, and for that matter, even the science of medicine, is trying to figure out, What is your story? What is that medical narrative that gets all the salient features?

And once that’s done, the knowledge retrieval part of it, whether that’s a Google or a ChatGPT large language model [can be used]… Once there’s one answer out there, it can do it. It can’t problem solve.

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